Pete's Journal (robpetercool) wrote,
Pete's Journal

Deep thoughts about life

I think it's funny that I forget livejournal exists. But every once in a while (this time it's been 51 weeks) I remember that there is this social network that I used to belong to.

The reason I remembered it this time was because I've been thinking about internships lately and background checks. I thought, hmm I have this journal online. Maybe I should delete it? I don't want companies to know my personal thoughts. Mainly because LJ has always been a joke and does not actually portray what I think.

I think the only reason I sign on anymore, is because I want to delete it, and then I'm so intrigued by what my friends are up to so I reconsider and just leave it alone until the next time I have an urge to delete.

So that's my post for now. I will return in another 51 weeks.
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